Our Vision

To accelerate your transition in events to the TOP LEVEL. How do we do that?


Together we build your “100% success guaranteed” event strategy


We optimize your time and introduce efficient planning

Personal development

You’ll become a sales & negotiations superstar and get your well-deserved promotion already now

Work-Life balance

You’ll become a never-ending source of energy & ready to achieve your dream goals


Online “Event Creators” Course

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8 weeks

Intensive learning, hands-on approach and direct implementation


Development of a step-by-step event strategy with the trainer


Regular feedback, coaching and individual work on your goals

Top-value content

8 modules, 8 LIVE webinars, downloadable tools and materials


Lifelong support in the B&E Academy’s graduates group on LinkedIn


Results that will fast track your career & grow your income if you are ready to get down to work


“The course helped me to become more confident in my work and allowed me to be better prepared for organising a wider variety of events.”
I enrolled in the course because I wanted to feel more “in control” when organising events in my job, I wanted to run better events in a more efficient way. Currently I have limited resources to work with, such as staff and budget, and I needed to find ways to maximise results. I also wanted to better manage my time so that I could create a balance and reduce last-minute stress. “The course is very hands-on and I really loved working on the assignments tailored to my event.” The difference between this course compared to other available online or in-person trainings, is that it’s very hands-on, and the trainer is sharing practical examples from her experience. The course gives a step-by-step strategy on how to run successful events and beyond. I really enjoyed working on the assignments tailored to my event. On the top of that, we did not only work on our event management skills, but also time-management, our life goals, sales and negotiations. These skills will help me to create more opportunities for my growth. “Be committed and passionate.” The trainer has a lot of experience and I loved working with her, as she was very committed and enthusiastic and eager to help participants grow. To future students I would like to advise them to be committed until the end of the course and passionate, because then you can definitely develop skills that you can apply both in your carreer and in your personal life.
Marieke, Communication & Project Officer,
Medical association in Europe

The course is for you IF:

You are a novice event manager and want to learn how to create TOP level successful events not in theory, but in real life

You are fed up with the last minute workload, deadlines and would finally want to optimize your planning, save and free up time

You need to level up your skills to stay ahead of the competition after the COVID-19

You want to balance your work and personal life

You want to grow fast in the industry. Not in 10 years. NOW

You want to learn how to make more money while doing what you love

You are switching carreers and haven’t figured out if event management is for you or where to start

You are an experienced planner but would like to upgrade your knowledge and get the “ready- to-go” tools


“Event Creators” course programme

MODULE 0: Get crystal clear
  • Setting goals for the course
  • Identifying current challenges
  • Choose a real event you’ll work on or invent one
  • Get your priorities straight
  • Identify what holds you back from reaching for the stars
MODULE 1: Become efficient
  • Balancing your work & life
  • Generating energy and staying motivated
  • Superstar productivity hacks
  • Prioritizing and introducing efficient planning
  • Increased energy flow and productivity
  • Connected core values and motivation
  • No chance for procrastination
  • Manage your daily tasks like a rockstar
  • Create the roadmap to your career & life dreams
  • Master the art of planning ahead, batching, and scheduling
MODULE 2: Successful event foundation
  • An ideal event location, venue and dates
  • Identifying your event target audience
  • Working with partners & suppliers
  • Market research & SWOT
  • Your event logistics
  • Setting up a registration page or a website that sells
  • Confidently choose attractive location, venue and dates
  • Attract participants to your event (build demand)
  • Build a supporting network
  • Outrun your event competitors
  • Build a solid basis for strategic decisions
  • Get deep in the details
MODULE 3: Event design
  • Your one million dollar story!
  • Creating your event concept
  • Event’s brand and how to build it
  • Zero waste events and trends
  • Event tech: what to choose
  • Creating a successful program and a FOMO effect
  • Event story & concept that create a WOW effect
  • Strong event brand & reputation
  • Sustainable & engaging event that makes fall in love
  • Sold-out events
MODULE 4: Let’s talk numbers and risks
  • Building-up a winning budget & your expertise
  • Managing risks
  • Your Risk Management plan
  • Able to make numbers-based solid decisions
  • A high-grade budget tool
  • Enjoy zen as you’re ready for anything
MODULE 5: Market it!
  • Ways to sell-out your event
  • Engage and connect with your participants
  • Leveraging touchpoints to reach bigger audience
  • Getting visible on the right social media
  • A ready-to-go event communication plan & marketing strategy
  • Reach your ideal participants
  • Getting an absolute clarity on what channels to use
  • Actions to take to scale up your event
MODULE 6: Sales | Negotiations | Fundraising
  • Making bigger sales with confidence
  • Confronting and eliminating your fears
  • Busting a myth: getting sponsorship is hard
  • Negotiating the best deals with suppliers
  • Networking hacks
  • Your perfect pitch to increase your sales
  • Converting clients is easy-peasy
  • A clear sponsorship strategy, offer & first sales
  • Become a total superstar at negotiating & networking (even if you’re an introvert:))
MODULE 7: Unlocking your full potential
  • Dreaming big & removing limiting beliefs
  • Life balance wheel
  • Activating personal brand to level up your career
  • Techniques to get a well-deserved promotion & raise
  • Dare to dream big
  • Build your personal development plan for the next 3-5 years
  • Become confident to show up like an expert
  • Grow in your career & increase your income
  • Results review VS initial goals
  • Review of your strategy in the Event Book
  • Actions to take for the next 6 months
  • Virtual events (value:€ 50)
  • 3 additional partners’ modules

What to expect after 8 weeks?

Completely geared up to run your TOP level events from A to Z in real life

Easily find sponsors for your events and get higher revenue

Sell out your event, because people will easier buy it

Learn negotiation techniques that will work on any supplier and even your employer

Forget abour the rush and stress before the event, because you’ve mastered efficient planning

Get your full strategy step-by-step in your EVENT BOOK, applicable to any event

Learn how to automatize and optimize processes

Increase energy flow and your recourcefulness

Have an action plan & move quicker in your career

Balance professional and personal life


Nadia Rubtsova

  • 10 Years + experience in the industry
  • Event Management degree and has taken part in many personal and professional development courses
  • Work experience in 4 European countries
  • Organised 200+ business events (and not only!) of different size
  • Specialises in corporate event management from A to Z with any budget
  • €400K+ in sponsorship in a very competitive niche
  • Created an effective event management system that will make you an “A-level” Event Manager and that will skyrocket your career



Why choose the “Event Creators” course?

Want to grow fast in the industry while living a full and exciting life without working long hours and a burn-out? Then you are in the right spot! While other courses are focused only on the event management and theory (in many cases), we want to gear you up with hands-on tools and techniques, that will not only fast-track your career but will also balance your life.

BUT… There is no magical pill and if you are ready to work on your dreams, implement everything even if it means getting out of your comfort zone, then we are waiting for you!

With this course you are building a foundation, which will serve you for years in your career.

You’ll get:

  • A universal event strategy in your Event Book that is applicable to any event
  • You’ll be working on your real event or a case study
  • 10 years+ of trainer’s learnings & failures condensed in 8 weeks
  • Individual work with YOU, on YOUR event, project, and life goals
  • Systematic approach: not only you will learn the new generation’s event management, but will also work on your sales & negotiation skills, personal growth, time-management, delegation and reaching work-life balance
  • Knowledge and tools that will serve you your entire life and will help you achieve your dreams
  • There is no similar course on the market
  • No vague theory – pure value, everything you learn – you put into practice
  • STOP-Lessons to keep you going and motivated
  • A lifetime access to the graduates’group on LinkedIn

What are you waiting for?



2 months

  • Individual access to your learning cabinet
  • Detailed feedback on the assignments
  • Unlimited individual Q&A with the trainer on the learning plaform
  • Access to weekly group LIVE webinars with the trainer
  • Access to downloadable working documents and tools
  • Lifetime access to a closed LinkedIn group

€ 660


2 months

  • Individual access to your learning cabinet
  • Detailed feedback on the assignments
  • Unlimited individual Q&A with the trainer on the learning plaform
  • Access to weekly group LIVE webinars with the trainer
  • Access to downloadable working documents and tools
  • Lifetime access to a closed LinkedIn group
  • Lifetime access to “Event Creators” course updates
  • 2 individual coaching calls (1h each) valid for one year with the trainer
  • Guided development of your personal growth strategy for 5 years

€ 850

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You are about to grab your seat for the "Event Creators" course.



You are about to grab your seat for the "Event Creators" course.